What our clients say...

"Since ModuSpec outsourced its IT network and PC management to MTI Business Services, we were able to take our infrastructure to the next level improving network efficiency, speed and asset life while decreasing down time." Michael Newman - Moduspec Australia

About Us

MTI Business Services is about making a positive difference to you and your business. We strategically align our services to meet your needs.

We understand that your computer systems are an essential part of of your business and aim to ensure you get value out of your computer investment.

This aim extends to your servers, computers, laptops, web sites and more.

Our measure of success includes the way we provide our services. This is reflected in our business name MTI Business Services.

  • M
  • T
  • I

- Morals, Mission and Mentoring
- Truth
- Integrity

We consider our clients as partners and know that their success directly impacts ours.

We service clients across Melbourne from Melton to Pakenham.